Exfoliation sloughs off dry, dead surface cells to help the skin work more efficiently and look fresher and younger. It also makes skin more receptive to moisturizer and can help keep blemishes at bay. Exfoliate one to three times a week, depending on your skin type – oilier skins should be exfoliated more often, while… Read More »

Face Packs

Face packs gently remove cells on the skin’s surface and purify clogged pores to leave dull skin feeling fresh and firm. They also stimulate blood circulation to give the face a healthy glow and help skin to absorb moisture afterward. Many face packs use natural clay compounds to deep cleanse and remove impurities from the… Read More »

Removing Lipstick

Always make sure that you remove lipstick thoroughly to prevent the skin on your lips from becoming dry and rough. Lips need to be regularly moisturized, loo: they are particularly susceptible to the drying effects of the sun and the wind because they do not have any sebaceous, or oil-producing, glands of their own. If… Read More »

Removing Eye Makeup

The more eye makeup you wear, the more important it is to use a specially formulated cleanser for the delicate eye area. This makes it much easier to remove even the most stubborn of waterproof or tearproof mascaras without pulling or dragging the sensitive skin around the eyes. If you do not remove all traces… Read More »


Moisturizers are the final stage in a cleansing program and help restore the moisture loss caused by the drying effects of sunlight, central heating, wind, cold, and pollution. A good daytime moisturizer should contain a sunscreen and will be easily absorbed into the skin. If it leaves an oily film on the surface, it will… Read More »