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Color Correcting

They may look like the last thing that you would want to put on your face, but liquid color correctors can hide a multitude of sins. They work by using opposing colors to counteract specific flaws in your complexion. For example, green will tone down redness; blue will make a flushed complexion look paler; white… Read More »

Using Liquid Foundation

Liquid foundation produces a more lightweight finish than the cake variety and tends to be easier to use on dry skin. However, some people find it harder to apply; the trick is not to overload the sponge, which creates a streaky, unnatural effect that will be difficult to correct. To finish, always brush over with… Read More »

Using Cake Foundation

Cake foundations give a smooth, matte finish that prevents skin from looking shiny and oily. Some can be applied using a dry sponge instead of a damp one and many now contain powder particles, with the result that you only need to apply a face powder on top if you have very oily skin. It… Read More »

Firming Facial Massage

Massage has been used throughout the centuries as a way of beautifying and treating the face and body. Although a facial massage will not remove any wrinkles that may already have developed, it can help prevent new lines appearing and make skin look smoother, firmer, and younger. This treatment uses a combination of massage and… Read More »

Steam Towel Treatment

Hot water is all you need to create your own home sauna. This simple but thorough steaming treatment will help open the pores, loosen blackheads, and draw out pimples, and it will remove deep-down dirt and toxins to leave skin completely clean. It is suitable for all skin types and should be used about once… Read More »